Leading equipment, excellent technology
Leading equipment, excellent technology
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  Do you still worry about the quality of the chargers though they were finish the aging test?

  Do you still worry about how to test the broken-down chargers?

  Do you still worry about we will forget the testing result of the chargers after they were sold?

  In order to solve the above problems, we purchased an advanced equipment which still rare in the same industry - ATE auto testing equipment system. Maybe someone do not know about this equipment. It doesn't matter, let us tell you the strong effect of ATE auto testing system.

 1. ATE auto testing system will check out every chargers includes more than 10 items detections deautomatically before leaving factory. Also the computer of ATE automatic testing will determine products' performance intelligently.

 2. Recording comprehensive datas. 

 3. Tracing testing result of charger quickly and accurately.

 4. Each charger has it's bar code. If the charger need to be sent back to factory to repair, we just need scan bar code to read detail datas.

 5. ATE auto testing system will contrast and save the datas of each charger.


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