New look,new momentum
New look,new momentum
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In the beginning of 2018,a decision was be made by our company’s board of directors,our company has reached agreement with the other mold manufacturer to develop and make a new case. The new shell was applied to the model of UY120,UY180 and UY240.

After the cooperation of two powerful manufacturer, and then working together on the research and development of new shells. A new totally different from the shells of all series product of our company was born. 

Also, it is be made of Aluminum case material like all the old ones, which maintain the good heat dissipation. In additional, it shows us a new feeling and beautiful looking with smooth surface and comfortable touch texture.

After more than three months , the new shell was unveiled. It is won the great admire from the customers who used it first. This is the highly recognized for our company's products and it must and will be a major driving force for the company's growth.

Aluminum casing production process:

1. Outer casing aluminum profile adopts the national standard 6063T5 aluminum alloy material.
2. Baffle adopts the national standard 1060 aluminum plate 1.5 thick.
3. Aluminum rod heating smelting - extrusion molding - desalination and hardening - aluminum cutting - punching and sinking head 
  - full inspection
4. Surface treatment - degreasing - washing - polishing - washing - anode - washing - coloring - washing - sealing - washing 
  - full inspection – packaging
5. Baffle stamping - countersinking - full inspection - sandblasting - degreasing - washing - polishing - washing - anode - coloring 
  - washing - sealing - washing - laser typing - full inspection - packaging

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